Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Well what is on my desk today it is a card that Ive made that is stressing me out its needing something but just don't know what Im not having a good week with cards the mojo just isnt there., so I've put aside and im now making flowers with my nesties they have came out like a carnation quite bonny then I just put a pearl in the middle. Will try going back to my card at night sometimes you just need to leave it then go back. I hope anyway.


glitzygirl said...

What a wonderfully neat workplace. Good for you. I doubt that will ever happen for me. Can't quiet see the card in question because of the angle, but what I can see looks great. Sometimes it doesn't need more we just think it does, lol. I have that dilemma often. Thanks for the snoop. Blessings Hilde

nnalorac said...

Funny we've both been playing about with flowers! You'll be on the lookout next week then!! Hope you return tonight and inspiration flows off that tidy desk!. Happy Wednesday Aud. Carolxx

Sue said...

Hi ya
lovely tidy desk, gorgeous flowers, hope you get ya card sorted,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(18)

kath said...

very neat and tidy desk and hey great advice...walk away and I bet when you come back will all come right...hugs kath xxx

triciasconfetti said...

Wish my desk was like that!! Your card looks good from what I can make out. Thanks for the look.
x Tricia

lily said...

Aud, how can you manage to have such a tidy desk - well I have one too but then have not been making cards so not been making a mess!!!!!
The flower looks good. Wont be playing with the girls tomorrow as my other friend Moira asked if I would go to the craft shop at Elgin so had to make a major decision!!!!!

butlersabroad said...

Love the bright pink flowers, I thought the black and white item at the back was the card so I was going to say add the flowers to is, but it's not a card it is!! Lol, yes, walking away is good sometimes. Hope you work it out. It might also be that you're being too hard on yourself? I posted a card the other week that I hated and couldn't make right, so I asked for advice and everyone said it's great, nothing the matter with it!!

Brenda 103

Twiglet said...

looks like fun and I love the cards on your later posts too.

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Good luck.
Jo x

Nicky said...

Love you flowers you are making - and looking at the above post of your cards looks like you found your mojo ~ thanks for sharing ~ Nicky no.4